Teams mondig maken: Gedeelde verantwoordelijkheid voor geluk en ontwikkeling op de werkplek.

In de wereld van vandaag lijkt het alsof de verantwoordelijkheid en de last om te zorgen voor gelukkige, productieve en zich steeds verder ontwikkelende teams en werknemers uitsluitend op de schouders van de werkgever ligt. Overal waar je kijkt zijn er workshops, trainingen en andere diensten op het gebied van diversiteit en inclusie, allemaal bedoeld om de organisatie zelf beter te maken op dit gebied.

Werknemers mondig maken: Eigenaar worden van welzijn.

Ik ben echter van mening dat niet alleen werkgevers, maar ook werknemers zelf een belangrijke rol moeten spelen in het bereiken van hun eigen geluk, welzijn en ontwikkeling op het werk. Ook moeten werknemers zelf eigenaarschap en een leidende rol op zich nemen om dit te laten gebeuren. Dit gebeurt echter niet automatisch.

Specialized Support: Beyond Common Career Challenges

I have specialised precisely on this point. Not only the common career questions, but also the extra and unique layer of factors that both you and your employees with an international background, consciously or unconsciously have to deal with every day.

  • Are you losing valuable time trying to help your international employees settle in or find their way?
  • Do they seem unmotivated or unproductive after some time?
  • Are they unable to keep up?
  • Do you find yourself in conflict with them but not understanding why or how to resolve it?
  • Are you wasting time and money on new acquisition and onboarding rounds for important positions?

Are you an employer who wants to support your international employees in the best way possible?

Specialized Support: Beyond Common Career Challenges

I am uniquely qualified to support professionals from the Global South, such as those with an African background. The combination of my background, experience and professional qualifications has equipped me for this. “After arrival, most Global South professionals just jump in. They then swim around for ten years, trying to find their way, before they discover they have been going in the wrong direction all this time.”  As told by Samuel, himself an expat from South Africa, working in the Hague.

Working with me will not only help keep your international talent feeling seen, valued, and prioritised, but also help bring a sense of calm and continuity in your teams, increasing focus, engagement and productivity, and the attainment of your company goals.

Interested to explore how I might be able to support your individual employees, teams, or organization? Or how I work?

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