Workplace happiness, development, and well-being: a shared responsibility.

In the world of today it seems that the responsibility and burden of ensuring happy, productive, and ever developing teams and employees solely lies on the shoulders of the employer. Everywhere you look there are diversity and inclusion workshops, trainings and other services all geared towards helping the organization itself become better in this area.

Empowering teams and individual employees: because they too have a leading role to play.

I am of the opinion that not only employers, but also employees themselves have an important role to play in achieving their own happiness, well-being, and development at work. Also, that employees themselves must take ownership and a leading role for this to happen. This, however, does not happen automatically.

Specialized support: when challenges specifically relate to employee’s international backgrounds, or to a team’s intercultural set up.

I have specialised precisely on this point. Not only the common career questions, but also the extra and unique layer of factors that both you and your employees with an international background, consciously or unconsciously have to deal with every day.

  • Are you losing valuable time trying to help your international employees settle in or find their way?
  • Do they seem unmotivated or unproductive after some time?
  • Are they unable to keep up?
  • Do you find yourself in conflict with them but not understanding why or how to resolve it?
  • Are you wasting time and money on new acquisition and onboarding rounds for important positions?

Are you an employer who wants to support your international employees in the best way possible?

Unique support for a unique group: Global South professionals working in a Western context.

I am uniquely qualified to support professionals from the Global South, such as those with an African background. The combination of my background, experience and professional qualifications has equipped me for this.

After arrival, most Global South professionals just jump in. They then swim around for ten years, trying to find their way, before they discover they have been going in the wrong direction all this time.”  As told by Samuel, himself an expat from South Africa, working in the Hague.

Working with me will not only help keep your international talent feeling seen, valued, and prioritised, but also help bring a sense of calm and continuity in your teams, increasing focus, engagement and productivity, and the attainment of your company goals.
Interested to explore how I might be able to support your individual employees, teams, or organization? Or how I work?

What people say

Elizabeth is a great coach who understands both the Dutch and African way of thinking which is really special, and she tends to put in more efforts in acceptance aspect and more believing in yourself. I was stimulated psychologically, mentally, and socially. I am m grateful for the support. Asante.

Catherine Naguyo
Software Engineer

The best thing about working with Elizabeth as a coach is that she really hears what your need is. Mentally, emotionally, and practically. I also felt that she really understood me as a migrant and was able to help me find my place in a new country and culture. I started working with Elizabeth before I moved to the Netherlands. She helped me then online and we had sessions every time I was in the country for other businesses. Once I finally moved, I contacted her once again with the request to help me effectively settle in as fast and as painlessly as possible. And before I knew it, she had helped me to get my first employment! What is more, it is a proper and professional job!

Peter Ndung’u
Project lead, global corporate visa and legalization

I arrived to the Netherlands one month ago and I felt really lost. Elizabeth helped with exactly what I needed! She helps me not only to make a plan about my job research, but also to understand what I want! Thank you so much! I found on her a perfect professional and a wonderful person!

Maria Fermani, Biomedical
Engineer/Materials Science Biomedical Engineer