A coaching, consulting, and support practice for Professionals ‘who are from elsewhere,’ or who are seen as such.

Welcome to Global Career Support

Your dedicated coaching, consulting, and support practice for professionals ‘who are from elsewhere,’ or who are seen as such.

Professionals ‘who are from elsewhere’ or who are seen as such.

You belong to this group if you refer to yourself, or if you are referred to by others, as:

  • an Expat
  • an International
  • a Professional with a migration background
  • or a Global South Professional working in a Western Context.

HR & Employers benefit too when….

  • You want a sense of calm and continuity in your teams, increased focus, engagement and productivity in employees, and to attain your company goals.
  • Your employees with an international background are too valuable for you to lose.
  • You prefer to spend scarce company resources on attaining business goals and not on all the extra time, money, and energy it costs when your employees are unhappy or leave.

“Progress, not perfection. Start where you are now, with what you have.”

Hi! I am Elizabeth Njeru, drs., EMCC-NOBCO accredited coach. Certified trainer & consultant.

‘Helping you win in the international world of work’

I am originally from Embu, Kenya, currently living in the Netherlands, which has been my home since the summer of 2000.

It is from here that I run my coaching, consulting and support practice for expats, internationals, professionals with a migration background and Global South professionals working in a Western context, and their employers.

| Personalised, context and culturally sensitive services | Online and offline | In English, Dutch, Swahili & Kiembu |

What people say

Elizabeth is a great coach who understands both the Dutch and African way of thinking which is really special, and she tends to put in more efforts in acceptance aspect and more believing in yourself. I was stimulated psychologically, mentally, and socially. I am m grateful for the support. Asante.

Catherine Naguyo
Software Engineer

The best thing about working with Elizabeth as a coach is that she really hears what your need is. Mentally, emotionally, and practically. I also felt that she really understood me as a migrant and was able to help me find my place in a new country and culture. I started working with Elizabeth before I moved to the Netherlands. She helped me then online and we had sessions every time I was in the country for other businesses. Once I finally moved, I contacted her once again with the request to help me effectively settle in as fast and as painlessly as possible. And before I knew it, she had helped me to get my first employment! What is more, it is a proper and professional job!

Peter Ndung’u
Project lead, global corporate visa and legalization

I arrived to the Netherlands one month ago and I felt really lost. Elizabeth helped with exactly what I needed! She helps me not only to make a plan about my job research, but also to understand what I want! Thank you so much! I found on her a perfect professional and a wonderful person!

Maria Fermani, Biomedical
Engineer/Materials Science Biomedical Engineer

I am an Expat, an International, a professional with a migration background, or a Global South professional working in a Western context.

I am looking for a professional who can relate to me. One who not only is qualified, but who also understands the fire of my ambition and who can easily imagine what it took to get me to where I am today. One who is able to help me come up with a strategy that fits who I am as an individual with my unique reality of living and working as ‘a person who came from elsewhere.’

I am HR or an employer with international employees or intercultural teams.

I want to support my international talent and intercultural teams in the best way possible. I want them to know they are seen, valued, and prioritized.

I also want to have calm and continuity in my diverse and intercultural teams, increased focus, engagement and productivity in employees, and the smooth attainment of company goals.

Where professionals with an international background can thrive, and organisations benefit from intercultural teams.