Living and working in another country or community with a different language and habits, norms and values, and an unknown environment will bring you different needs.

Not only are you facing the challenges that everyone else is facing, but you also carry an extra layer of unique challenges that specifically relate to your background of ‘coming from elsewhere,’ or being seen as such. This position can feel incredibly overwhelming and stressful, and it may even cause you to miss important opportunities.

  • Do you feel like no one really understands you?
  • Do you know what you want but feel insecure about being able to achieve your goals?
  • Do you often feel confused, not knowing who can help you or where to start?

When you look for help, you might find that the available personal and professional development services that may be effective for locals may not be effective for you.

Are you looking for

  • A professional who can relate to you?
  • One who not only is qualified, but who also understands the fire of your ambition and who can easily imagine what it took to get you to where you are today?
  • One who is able to help you come up with a strategy that fits who you are as an individual with your unique reality of living and working as ‘a person who came from elsewhere’?

I will help you deal with the challenges you are facing, taking your specific international context into account.

You will not only know what you want but also have influence on the results you achieve. You will be able to use your talents effectively, feel at home at work, and be in a better position to seize career opportunities when these present themselves. You will be confident and empowered, able to influence the direction that your life takes.

It might surprise you how easy some problems are to solve if you talk to the right person.

Remember, “progress not perfection. Start where you are now, with what you have.”

What people say

Elizabeth is a great coach who understands both the Dutch and African way of thinking which is really special, and she tends to put in more efforts in acceptance aspect and more believing in yourself. I was stimulated psychologically, mentally, and socially. I am m grateful for the support. Asante.

Catherine Naguyo
Software Engineer

The best thing about working with Elizabeth as a coach is that she really hears what your need is. Mentally, emotionally, and practically. I also felt that she really understood me as a migrant and was able to help me find my place in a new country and culture. I started working with Elizabeth before I moved to the Netherlands. She helped me then online and we had sessions every time I was in the country for other businesses. Once I finally moved, I contacted her once again with the request to help me effectively settle in as fast and as painlessly as possible. And before I knew it, she had helped me to get my first employment! What is more, it is a proper and professional job!

Peter Ndung’u
Project lead, global corporate visa and legalization

I arrived to the Netherlands one month ago and I felt really lost. Elizabeth helped with exactly what I needed! She helps me not only to make a plan about my job research, but also to understand what I want! Thank you so much! I found on her a perfect professional and a wonderful person!

Maria Fermani, Biomedical
Engineer/Materials Science Biomedical Engineer

Global Career Support is located in the city of the Hague, the Netherlands. Clients not only come from, but also live and work in different countries.

Planning is always done in consultation with you.

All services are:

  • Customized to your specific person, context and needs
  • Context and culturally sensitive
  • Online, offline or blended
  • In English, Dutch, Swahili & Kiembu

Interested to hear how I might be able to support you, or how I work?